Textile Engineering Department

Head of the School

Dr. Asimananda Khandual

Dr. Asimananda Khandual (Assistant Professor)


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About the School


To become a nationally acclaimed department for providing quality technical education in textile engineering and chemical processing.


  • To provide excellent technical education in textile engineering and chemical processing.
  • To provide relevant industrial exposure and placement to our students.
  • To develop attitude, skill and ethical values in students that will enable them to meet socio economic challenges.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)

PEO 1 : To produce human resources having technical competencies so that they can excel in professional career and/or higher education by acquiring knowledge and skill in design, analysis, mathematical computing and engineering principles.

PEO 2 : To acquaint the students with real life problems through internship, collaborative programs with industry, project works so as to enable them to innovate programmatic, creative and economic solutions for real life problems in professional career.

PEO 3 : To produce graduates, who are flexible and adaptable in the workplace and to possess the capacity to embrace new opportunities of emerging technology, and embrace leadership and all affording sustainable engineering career.

PEO 4 : To enable students to exhibit professionalism, ethical attitude, communication skills, team work in their profession and adapt to current trends by engaging in lifelong learning.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

PSO 1: Ability to contribute real life workplace challenges and apply the technical knowledge for providing appropriate solutions to textile industry problems

PSO 2: Inculcate enthusiasm and motivation for higher studies and research to enable them to develop themselves as academician and research scientist for technology transfer in textile sector.

PSO 3: Develop capability to engineer and design textile products for various applications in apparel, home and technical textiles.